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February 18, 2006



Good point. I think when it comes to Librarians, they can be considered the "easy way out" when conducting research. It's important to find ways of doing it on your own, but at the same time utilizing them for continuing research.

I have forced myself to learn different ways to research one thing. I also think you must observe possible clues or leads in each search in order to progress your information. This helps create a flow to the topic and provides alternate perspectives for each finding. Otherwise, you may run into a dead end.

This is essential in zoning into the foundation of the topic so that you discover the key researchers and contributors in the field.

Carlos Leyva


How important do you think your ability to research impacts what you do on a daily basis. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being a huge impact and 1 being a slight impact, how would you rank the impact (from a productivity perspective)?


Although I've never thought about that before, I'm sure it does have an impact on my daily activities.

I would consider myself at a neutral "5" on your scale. I think my ability to look into things and take one event throughout the day and expand upon that is how it would relate to research. You must always be on the look out for new things and ways to connect things that at first may not seem similar, but once you've done your research, now have that connection.

The neutral standpoint comes in because I know that everyday I walk out the door I don't tell myself I'm going to research everything that I come across. I really don't think it's until you find that connection or want to know more about something that you actively start doing more research.

Carlos Leyva

Yeah that makes sense, that it would depend on the day and what it entails. It was probably too broad a generalization but I think the trend is in the direction that I indicated. However, depending on what you do, the impact might not be daily!

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